Blake Griffin is pretty damn funny

Blake Griffin is pretty damn funny

Remember when Blake Griffin entered the NBA and everyone was like, “Oh, damn,” in anticipation of him dunking on just about anyone in the league? For the most part, he’s done that, appearing in a number of All-Star games and earning a win in the dunk contest -- or maybe he was pegged as the predetermined victor -- back in 2011.

When he’s been on the hardwood for the Los Angeles Clippers, Griffin has established himself as must-see basketball, expanding his repertoire in recent years to include being more of a ball handler and with a subtle outside game to add to his high-flying antics. It’s damn fun to watch… that is, if you get the chance.

Throughout his career Griffin has been hampered with various injuries and spent much of his time on the injured list. Even his first season came a year later than expected because he fractured a knee cap in a preseason game, forcing him to have surgery and miss the entire 2009-2010 campaign after being drafted the previous summer.

Fast forward to 2018 and Griffin is out again, this time with a concussion as the result of a incidental elbow to the head, courtesy of JaVale McGee. Once again, to the injured list he goes.

If you’re a Clippers fan, you’re frustrated. If you’re Blake Griffin, you’re even more frustrated. Sitting out is no fun for anyone, especially when it’s the star of the franchise whom everyone depends on to push the team towards the playoffs and, hopefully, finally past the second round.

The reality, just like for all athletes, is Griffin’s career in basketball is limited, and the constant injuries put a toll on the body that, in his case, may just cut it shorter than he might like. It’s unfortunate, but at the better part of a decade into the game, it’s likely true.

What’s next for the former University of Oklahoma star? The hope is he won’t go bankrupt like countless other NBA players of the past, or make horrible investment decisions that lead to others running away with his money.

Perhaps comedy then?

It seems that Griffin’s personality off the court has allowed him to find a place in the comedic space. You might have seen him in some commercials, like for Gamefly where he’s strapped to a jetpack, destroying household items and convincing two guys on a couch that it’s totally normal and appropriate. Or maybe you’ve seen his surprisingly funny stand-up act, in which he talks about going to a strip club for the first time in his life. These and other spots show Griffin’s range is far beyond the 3-point line.

Now it looks like power forward is posting up to act in larger projects. In the upcoming romantic comedy The Female Brain, Griffin plays the role of a character that not even IMBD can identify. Still, as mysterious as the character’s name might be, Griffin’s portrayal of a boyfriend or husband who fancies himself a “physical marvel” creates some of the funniest moments in the two-minute trailer.

Though brief, the clips lend one to believe Griffin has become more comfortable with being in front the camera when it’s not focused on a basketball court. There even seems to be a bit of improv, most notably in the exchange with his better half when he calls her out for saying “yeah nine times.”

The best part, however, is the very end of the trailer when he’s talking about how he can catch anything thrown at him. He snags a bag with two peppers in it and says “It’s like catching numchucks.” Yeah, he was supposed to say “nunchucks,” but the mispronunciation adds to the comedy.

The movie is set to hit theaters on February 9, and chances are it sets the tone for whether Griffin will have a future in acting when his NBA days are over. Based on his prior experience, including the ads and stand-up comedy, the potential for him to leave a positive impression in Hollywood has, at the very least, a spark that may spread into something much broader.

Until then, we wait, hoping Griffin’s injuries won’t impede the growth of his playing career any further than they already have. When he returns to the game, after completing the NBA’s concussion protocol, all things will once again revolve around him lifting the Clippers to the playoffs.

When it’s all said and done, Griffin will finish out his NBA career, potentially making his curtain call in Los Angeles. If all goes as well as his potential shows, another curtain will open down the street in Hollywood.

(image via IFC Films)

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